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The Microelectronics Laboratory (MicroLab) at INAOE has been operating for over 30 years, and currently represent the only lab in the country able to offer the experience and facilities necessary for designing, manufacturing and characterization of materials for the fabrication of silicon-based sensors and MOS integrated circuits (IC´s) presenting a minimum geometrical feature of 10 microns-length.

Recently, our research Group is developing new silicon-based materials (silicon micromachining; amorphous thin films composed by germanium, silicon and carbon; transparent conductors; silicon-rich oxide; nanostructured films; etc.) and IC technology. This technology has been the support for the design and manufacturing of novel MOS devices using (5 5 12) substrates, infrared and chemical sensor, as well as actuators. This facility is also used for training grad students, who after concluding their project, have gained enough experience for operating tools and equipment for the fabrication of silicon-based sensors and IC´s.

Recently, INAOE became part of the MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) technology network; accordingly, our Microlab received an appointment as the National Center for MEMS manufacturing. Additionally, Microlab obtained grants in order to build the Nanoelectronics National Laboratory (LNN) sponsored by FUMEC and SEDECO.

Since then, two related projects started with the main objective of offering silicon-related MEMS technology. The development of surface micromachining based on polysilicon films, and the fabrication of micromechanical devices. Additionally, the design and development of a 0.8-micron BiCMOS fabrication process, have been started.

The development and consolidation of these facilities have resulted in the improvement of:

  • The design and simulation of IC’s, process fabrication modules, and solid state sensors.
  • Manufacturing facilities, and the characterization modules of IC’s and sensors.
  • All these activities have strengthened our collaboration with the Microelectronics industry, and in some extent have enriched the research and grad programs in our Electronics Department.

Leading researcher: Ph.D. Carlos Zúñiga Islas.


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